Modus Operandi




public space

space hacking

participatory building


artistic building

action research


public art







We live the construction yard like life… in all its tonalities and nuances, loves and distresses.

We try out collective approaches to reality, hopping on the subtleties of the unexpected encounters and making use of the synergies of the spontaneous.

«The public is often a passive spectator that ends-up observing his own public life as exterior to the conception and fabrication of things. Most often the mechanics of the “public thing” are for him as unknown as an art-piece creation process. Again and again, this explains absolutely the unlove and the common mystification of the world he’s surrounded by: its own self-alienation.»
Against this alienation we experiment situations to harmonize the efficiency of the collective act and the effective integration of usually unsolicited people in the reflexion and action process.
We combine simple low-tech construction techniques with an intentional design showing everyone’s the easy path to quality transformation of their habitat.

We seek the collective production of an all-coherent based on each one’s – ours and the all who join us – knowledge and skills, working on more organic and convivial forms to create, live and interact.

Step-by-step we put together functioning and cooperation schemes in which we continuously seek to find everyone’s place and love.