Cultural production, design, architecture, photography, construction, art, agriculture, cabinet making, performative arts… are just a few of the competences encompassed in our collective body. Building on the experience of each individual, the team adapts itself in order to answer to each projects’ specificities.

We are a bunch of friends coming from different backgrounds. All of us LesFreresPoulet individuals have our own very specific professional and personal parcour. Some of our individual paths include membership and/or close collaborations on several levels with numerous organizations around Europe. Bruit Du Frigo (fr), Exyzt (fr), E-da (pt), ConstructLab (de), RaumlaborBerlin (de), Collectif ETC (fr), Oficina do Gato Morto (pt), just to list a few.

As a collective and in Belgium in particular we – – have already collaborated with some organizations like TenWyengaert GC, DeVaartKapoen GC, OpWeule GC, archipel19 CC, Wiels, Maison des Cultures de Saint-Gilles, Berchem sainte-Agathe, amongst others…

We believe in self-teaching, horizontal learning and experimenting to build-up knowledge. The diversified backgrounds of the team individuals allow us to lean on each others’ skills learn from one another, push the egos down and – sometimes – find some less obvious answers to new challenges that keep on rising.

By not having everyone involved on each and every project, our body of skills and the body of our work continues to grow on a progressive, cumulative and ever-changing process.

We know we won’t change the world alone so let’s share so more changers flourish!