Agora #3

Le Brass CC, Maison Des Cultures SG, Wiels CAC | St Gilles – Forest, Bruxelles (be) | 2020

Wiels, Le Brass and Maison des Cultures de Saint Gilles are three local cultural instituitions that lounched a project to go out of their walls into the public space: Hors Les Muren. One of the main goals of this project is to generate social cohesion through culture, by means of public events and public space activation. To support this line of action we developed a social moment of construction to bring people, tools and design together and create a multifunctional movable structure. The neighborhoods of Saint Gilles and Forrest have now a public space activation device that can be assembled in circle, « U », « L », zig-zag, line,… as a three-level showbench or pic-nic table that is able to host sveral different kinds of public gatherings – citizens assemblies, small performances, shows, debates, common meals, and much more… up to almost 100 people.

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