Engis CC | Fagnes, Engis (be) | 2023

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Back in Fagnes we meet everyone again! The fabulous feeling of being back in this magical place with these magical people. The third consecutive year. Children have grown older and everyone remembers us from the previous turns. This time, the people came with the idea of a petanque field to complement the barbeque area. Plus, the mobile tables and benches we left in place 3 years ago have been used around and start to be out of shape. From how the space has been used and the peoples’ feedback on it, we set ourselves to support the local effort to install the petanque field (trying to autotomize inhabitants on their initiatives), paint a giant local “tag » anamorphosis, set a fixed picnic table to complement the barbeque area, finish one of the containers with a open bar turned to the “food side!”, pin a couple of “info-points » with an illustrated map of the site at each entrance and lift a couple of “pirate-like” flags with the colors of the project… After all this, we still managed to facilitate the creation of a little childrens cave for free tagging and a set of parcours structures co-created with the local youngsters. In the end we had an amazing time with soooooo many people of all ages for another 2 weeks! All came to give a hand, socialize and enjoy the pleasure of changing together their own public space.

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