La Dal | Neder Over Heembeek, Brussels (be) | 2023

Texte en cours


wordt vertaald

With Bravvo ASBL we designed a proposal to answer an open call for the “Contrat de Quartier Durable de Versailles”. With the duration of several years, we envision a few strong open-building moments, of one or two weeks each. An incremental approach that always build-up on the previous actions. Between the existing towers there are these abandoned-looking terraced hard platforms where we will focus our efforts. By integrating inhabitants and the youngsters in an active dynamic to shape the spaces they use everyday, we hope to start generating a feeling of ownership and open the minds to creatively look at the possibilities. This first intervention consists in starting to experiment with little structures, full of color, made with everyone, that adjust to the existing platforms and contribute to promote its spatial continuity. Working on the ludification of the public space we hope to humanize these “hard” places and make them welcoming to families and kids. This first one-week open-building action allowed us to test the interaction with the inhabitants and understand what may be interesting to push forward on the next dates to come!

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