Place de la Vaillance | Anderlecht, Brussels (be) | 2023

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In Anderlecht, the Cultural Center De Rink prepares itself for their summer festival. They host a month of direct contact with the neighborhood: a moment to engage with the people and establish local dynamics and socio-cultural exchange. Their demand was for a structure that would give them visibility and attract the people to the event. This structure stayed in place all the month of August, inviting people to come and hosting the programmed outdoors activities. Its permeable and highly visible curvilinear “dragon-like skeleton” structure has an unfinished look. A lowtech structure made of wood. It hosts continual citizen appropriation and lends it the informality needed for everyone to feel comfortable in. Its height and volume gives it visibility. The colorful pavement painting generates a playful pattern that relates with the “mikado-like” genetics of the structure and remains as a trace of all that happened during the summer. To achieve the needed volume and keep the budget controlled, as well as to prepare the re-use of the material, the wood used was cut only where strictly necessary, giving priority to easy to re-use full length boards.

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